About Amethyst: color grading and price chart

About Amethyst gemstone – History and Introduction

Amethyst is one the most well known gemstone in all quartz stones. It is known as birthstone for the February month. It fits in with macrocrystalline kind of quartz and comes in pink to dull purple shade. Iron and Aluminum contaminations are in charge of shade of this stone. Amethyst is straightforward to straightforward clarity with decent gloss and sparkle.

The stores with the most elevated business esteem Brazil are accessible in Brazil and Uruguay (Neighbor nation). After these two, Madagascar has next enormous store; separated from these nations little mines are accessible in diverse nations. Amethyst Harbor is a spot on the Canadian side where amethyst is found in colossal amounts however the greater part of the material is not gemstone quality material. The violet quartz is discovered there in abundant amounts, however seldom in gemstone quality.

Huge size Amethyst druse and stones

There is bit of amethyst from brazil weighs more than 200 kgs and accessible at Washington Museum. As of late, a find in the USA has been standing out as truly newsworthy. A three-meters druse was found in Maine, weighing in excess of 1000 kgs and had amethyst crude material in enormous amounts.


Beneath we would like you to see the color graph of Amethyst. The initial three are Brazillian Amethyst, An, AA, and AAA. While the top color in Amethyst accessible is African Amethyst.

Amethyst is a standout amongst the most wonderful Semi-valuable gemstone of all. Because of its purple shades, and its common stone esteem that increases in value about whether, this gemstone truly has took off since it was presented in the old times. Amethyst originates from two real nations: Africa and Brazil.
The initial three are Brazillian Amethyst, A, AA, and AAA. Much the same as the genuine cabochon colors you see at the base of this page.

Crystal gazing and conviction behind amethyst jewels

This gemstone ensures wearer against drinking propensity and different inebriations. In aged times, this stones were utilized as a part of crowns and wearing of rulers and sovereigns. In Greek word “Amethystos” which remains for ‘not inebriated’. This is the birthstone for February


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